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DUALIST - The Reversible Story

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KUJTEN comes from the name of the highest peak in Mongolia.Loyal to our values, we are committed to respecting animals and our Mongolian partners, of excellence.

A friendship between Carole Benaroya and Stéphanie Erikssonthat began in their teenage years., Carole came from the world of finance Stéphanie worked for fifteen years in the Parisian style office of Joseph.

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Founders Maickel and Marieke share a genuine love for photography, art, architecture and people. The story started from there, by creating purely from emotion.

As the world changed rapidly, they strongly felt this was the right time to show their vision.Marieke shares her love and knowledge for making high-quality collections. A super-strong focus on shaping, fabrics, and their details.

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This is MSGM: four letters, a clear and strong message

In 2009, Massimo Giorgetti and the Paoloni group partner up to launch the first MSGM collection.

Giorgetti is initially working with three friends that, however, will soon abandon the project: the brand’s name, which takes inspiration from indie band MGMT, is also an acronym composed of their initials.

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Love Stories

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