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DUALIST - The Reversible Story

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Jerome Dreyfuss

“All our skins are tanned in France and Italy. […] When we went to meet with those French tanners, almost twenty years ago, their factories were about to shut down. We asked them to use a vegetable process to tan this famous bubble leather, which became a resounding success and was copied many times. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as this great popularity gave a new impetus to the sector. Craftsmen and women are the backbone of the French leather sector. Their courage is unyielding, they got back on the saddle and, today, they are thriving and work for the greatest names of the luxury industry.” Jerome Dreyfuss

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IRO is the story of two brothers, Arik and Laurent Bitton, who made name a brand in less than a decade. Driven by the same desire, they design simple and strong fashion that the cool, self-confident woman can sublimate on a daily basis, but always remains true to herself. In fact, when the brothers were twenty they founded a music label called Crossman.

So the inspiration comes mainly from the street, from an independent and modern woman.A mixture of sexiness and wearable fashion for every day.

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Philipp Modell

The atelier, the encounter with the material, the combination of tradition and innovation, the meticulous quality manufacture make Philippe Model shoes unique.The Fonderia Artistica Battaglia, a symbol of handicraft and Made in Italy, which has existed for over 100 years, is the perfect setting for this representation in an industrial context in which the fusion of materials creates unique works of art, such as Philippe Model shoes. The Fonderia was chosen as a historical symbol of materiality and the Italian know-how that unites us, where tradition meets innovation.

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